No one can leave the Patriarchy behind for you.

But more interestingly…

No one can stop you from leaving Patriarchy behind.

Immersive Training & In person


Women! It is time for us to start over. We start over now in a different context. Our new beginning originates in consciousness, radical-responsibility, and interdependence. Regaining our dignity in a context of interdependence is not a selfish act. Regaining our dignity is taking a stand for ourselves in relationship with other women, men and Nature.

This Women’s Possibility Lab is an invitation for us, dear women companions, to be among friends who demand and require that we respect and dignify ourselves.

There are so many domains for us Women, to building matrix and initiate ourselves into the Power and the Responsibility of Being Woman at the Edge of Chaos.

This every-unfolding collaboration and invention causes Archiarchal Women’s Culture to already exist in the morphogenetic field of Gaia’s Earth.

This is our invitation.

You will discover and explore human possibilities that some people may even consider impossible, such as :

What Are Archiarchal Women?

Writing about Archiarchal Women comes from a place of anger. First my anger came from a lack of answers, then from a lack of questions, and now from a lack of better questions. After a while, I have finally let go this idea of getting answers. I am now wanting better questions.

This platform also comes out of sadness for what has been lost, our femininity, our energy, our feminine being.

I am here fearful to write down anything about women. Writing seems now to be a masculine process. It lacks nuances, flavors, savors, the sounds of laughter, the sight of a tear rolling down, the wooden spoon hitting the pot or the smells of the ancient burning flowing under our feet. And mostly it lacks our beings talking to each other without words.

I am here fearful to trip over assumptions, conclusions and opinions. I am afraid of not asking the better questions that will go beyond that. To be honest, I haven’t read much about what other women or men have written about women. I did ask some questions to women around me and most of the time I was not attracted by the direction the answer was taking.

This platform is part of my quest. I am starting with nothing but you. Women who inspired me, who questioned me, who made me angry, made me sad and made me afraid, and also who made me joyful and creative and loving.

This is where we start.

Anne-Chloé Destremau


The Possibility of the Archiarchal Woman

Since I can remember I had an acute sensation that something big inside of me wanted to come out. I didn’t know what it was, but the sensation knocked cometimes with intensity, other times with urgency.

I think you have felt this too. Archiarchal Woman is a Possibility that we can inhabit. To let that Bigness inside of you, that might scare you and might excite you to unfurl its wings and fly.

There is no known path for Archiarchal Woman, because the Possibility of Archiarchal Woman exists in the uncovering and discovering process of it. So what am I offering with Anne-Chloé in this Women Of Earth Lab? I am offering a truly alive and experimental space with the most committed team you might never had had before, so that moves that you did not know you had in you, can finally come to the surface for air and sunlight.

I offer a space with my own vulnerability and research, because I come with no certainty of how it goes. There is no gurus here.

I am scared I won’t open the doors that we need to find the Archiarchal Woman in us, but I am even more scared to not try. This Quest is deeply needed for me, for women, for men, for Gaia, and I am radically commitment to take that journey with you.

-Vera Luísa Franco

What happened in the last lab

Collaboration and Creation in Radical Responsibility: Vera Franco (Legends from Women of Earth Lab)

Dignified Arrogant Women Carry Seeds Of Archiarchy

The Trainers:


Before I met other Edgeworkers, I thought I was a very strange human being. I could see and do what others around me couldn’t see or do. I numbed myself to those skills in order to ‘fit in’… until I met other transformational agents who welcomed me as their peers.

Now I see that I am simply a Possibility Management Trainer taking a stand for the evolution of consciousness in the world, opening doorways for who wants to step into Next Culture… Archearchy.

Now that I can stand on that edge, I dedicate myself to reaching over to my brother and sister edgeworkers and calling them back into action, even if you are afraid, even if you forgot that not knowing how to do it is the way to actually do it.

When I can deliver clarity that ignites sparkling eyes and a fierce committed voice in other young people, I regain hope for a bright future for humanity.

After graduating with a BS in Economics and an MS in International Law from La Sorbonne University in Paris and Columbia University in New York, plus journeying around the world for a couple of years becoming a Buddhist in Nepal, and managing an ecosystem restoration camp in Spain, I found my home as a Possibility Management Trainer.

My law-sharpened precision was launched through adulthood feelings initiations. Suddenly I was creating nonlinear and unreasonable possibilities for rooms full of people taking back their own Clarity and Authority.

I propose firy new Possibility that hopefully ignites unquenchable inspiration during talks, workshops, and trainings.

Something completely different from this is possible right now.

Vera luísa franco

Since my teenage years, I kept two questions constantly close to my heart:

“What is my true purpose?” and, “Is this the best we can do?”

These questions led me to leave the Linear Life Plan, my birth culture, my birth country, and spend a decade in a consciously-created regenerative-culture ecovillage in Northern Scotland called Findhorn. Their new way of living, collaborating, and healing incubated possibilities for a new me to set foot on my Path. I learned important soft-skills for attuning to the energetics of spaceholding, and also hard-skills for living in harmony with the land.

Yet still, unconscious human drama patterns prevailed in our relating, and these caused rifts and struggles that impeded our collaboration and purpose. I was missing a clear inspiring context for authentic aliveness that thrives in a vision beyond personal and collective healing. I found it in Possibility Management, in the authentic initiatory processes and in the astonishing abundance of Clarity, Love, and Possibility.

Now my two life questions empower Discovery and Transformation for myself and others. It is what I have been looking for all along: clarity for radically regenerative human cultures on Earth: How to get there, and how to thrive there.

You can count on me to listen well and never put my Sword of Clarity down. If you seek healing and evolutionary steps along your Path, we are on the same Team. I welcome your company. There is a lot of good work to do together. If you seek someone to give you answers of how to live life, I will not do this.

I hold a vision of human beings helping each other grow up with a sense of adulthood derived from the incredible potentials of perception and creation that Gaia has designed into us. There is so much to explore and develop together.

Through Expand The Box Trainings and Possibility Labs, and the Possibilitator Training, I am fully engaged in radical collaboration for the evolution of human consciousness and co-creating Archiarchy. With incredible tools and processes from Possibility Management we help each other stand in our nonmaterial value and actually deliver it to the world.




The Women of Eath Possibility Lab training works with 3 distinct values. The first value is the training itself. The second price is your accommodation in the chosen space. And the third value is food.

The value associated with the formation of the Women of the Earth Laboratories is a conscious contribution on the scale of:


R$ 2100 a R$5.200


We at the organization invest a lot of time in research to find the most suitable and affordable location available. Reservations will be made in collective rooms at EcoVila Terra Luminus, and it will be necessary to sleep in the space throughout the training.

The cost of accommodation for the 5 training nights is:




As part of The Women of Eath Possibility Lab training, participants prepare their own food at scheduled times, making meals an extension of the training.

The cost of food will be the total value of purchases, divided by the number of participants. This value will only be known at the end of the training, and may vary between:


R$400 a R$700

Do you have any questions?

We are available to answer everything you need to know to participate in this transformative experience.

Click on the button to send a Whatsapp:

Training Location

The  Instituto Terra Luminous  (ITL) is a non-profit Civil Society Organization that occupies an area of ​​129 hectares in the middle of the largest preserved stretch of the existing Atlantic Forest, just 70 km from the city of São Paulo.

As a Regenerative Culture Base, it seeks integration with nature while we practice new ways of relating, with continuous research into socio-environmental technologies focused on community principles.

All of this is nourished and nourished by an Experience Center that reaffirms its opinion that true regeneration is born in more conscious human beings.

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